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Cathedral of Trier

Museum am Dom Trier

Completed: 2012

For the special exhibition „Das Gewand” in 2012, a simulation of the lost silver reliquary of the Holy Robe Chapel was to be produced with the depiction of the views of it within the cathedral. The reliquary served as the storage place for the most important relic, the Holy Robe.

A schematic computer model of the interior of the cathedral was made, which was cut open in a longitudinal direction. With this model it was possible to depict the views upon the reliquary from various locations in the cathedral and to compare them.

Using this model of the silver reliquary also possible variations of how the shrine could have been opened could be shown in an animation.

The end of the film gives a picture about the different places where the Holy Robe has been kept in the course of the centuries.
Bild 01