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Templo Major

Art and Exhibition Hall of the

Federal Republic of Gemany, Bonn

Completed: 2003

The computer reconstruction of the Templo Mayor was produced for the exhibit "Aztecs" in the Art and Exhibition Hall of the German Federal Republic in Bonn. The exhibit has now found it final place in Mexico City in the Museum Templo Mayor, where it is available for visitors as well as for the academic purpose of further developing the model and incorporating the latest knowledge. The computer reconstruction and simulation covers the plateau of Mexico City, the ancient Tenochititlán with its ceremonial area and the Templo Mayor. The reconstruction is based upon the latest stand of rapidly developing research of the central building of the Aztecs and shows how the temple was built over itself ten times. These ten steps are shown for the first time on the basis of present day research, as well as the possible reasons for this proceeding.
Bild 01