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Synagogue Cologne /



Completed: 2013

The virtual reconstructions of the Synagogues of Dortmund and Cologne (Glockengasse) were updated for a WDR production for the anniversary of the pogrom night of 1938. The reconstructions made in the beginning of 2000 by the Technical University Darmstadt, Digital Design Unit, were adjusted in 2013 to the new standards of research and technology.

The Film Synagogen - Monumente gegen das Vergessen from Martin Papirowski is available in the Internet.

The reconstruction of destroyed synagogues was initiated in 1994 by Marc Grellert and since then has been carried out at the Technical University Darmstadt. A travelling exhibit was recently shown in the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, USA and in 2016 shell travel to Canada.
Synagoge Dortmund