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Synagogue Horb

Museen der Stadt Bamberg

Completed: 2013

For the exhibition “Jewish Bamberg” a reconstruction of the interior of the Synagogue in Horb am Main was produced. This prayer room was important because of its unusual interior painting. The beautiful tendrils, animal paintings, and inscriptions were created by Elieser Sussmann.

In the 19th century the Jews left Horb and the Synagogue was sold. Later on the painted wooden ceiling became a part of the city art collection on the Michelsberg. At the request of Israel in 1967 it was given on loan to its newly founded Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Photographs of the wooden ceiling from the museum served as a basis for the reconstruction, which is close to the original interior of the Synagogue. From a written record the number of windows, the position of the entrance and the women’s galley could be determined. Bimah, benches, and the partitioning for the women are based on other Synagogues.
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