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Synagogue Frankfurt (1711)

Jewish Museum Frankfurt

Completed: 2006

For the exhibition "Chamber Servants: The Emperor and the Frankfurt Jews", the main synagogue in the Judengasse, which was built in 1711, was reconstructed as a 3D computer model and presented to the visitors in a film. Among other things, the visualization showed the illumination of the main synagogue at the time of the emperorís coronation in 1790. A further exhibit reveals how the synagogue was incorporated into the cityscape. A historical plan of the city of Frankfurt with the path taken by the coronation participants was put on a 70 centimeter high block in the measurement of one meter by one meter. The Judengasse, which is located near Frankfurtís old city core, including the synagogue was produced as a haptic model from the computer model and placed on the plan of the city.
Bild 01