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Olympic Grounds Berlin

German Historical Museum Berlin

Completed: 2006

For a permanent exhibit on the Olympic grounds in Berlin, the history of this location was to be presented by a 3D Computer reconstruction. The film installation in the Langemarck hall covers six phases of the history of the Olympic grounds in Berlin: construction of the race track in 1909, plans and construction of the German Stadium in 1913, establishment of the university for physical education and the extension to the German Sport Forum 1919 –1930, constructions for the sporting events for the Olympic games in 1936, further plans during the Nazi era, in particular, the plans for "Germania", as well as the utilization of the grounds and post-war constructions from 1945 to 2004. Parallel to the film a haptic model is also on display, which shows the three most important construction phases in shaded colors. The was produced in rapid prototyping from digital record sets.
Bild 05