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Rheinisches LandesMuseum, Bonn

Completed: 2007

In an exhibit in the Rheinisches LandesMuseum in Bonn in connection with Michelangelo’s painting, "Leda with Swan", six drawings of fortifications by the Italian artist were shown. These drawings represent Michelangelo’s expressive sketches for a new kind of stronghold for the city of Florence. Using knowledge about historical buildings and comparing other fortifications, for the exhibit the two dimensional sketches were transmitted into three dimensional computer models. The result was presented to the museum visitors in the form of a simulation film, the emphasis being on a clip of the fortress of Florence with the Porta d’Ognissanti as well as the corner stronghold Prato d’Ognissanti. A haptic model, which shows the simulated area of the depicted fortifications, was produced from the computer model.
Bild 02