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Cork models of

Antonia Chichis

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

Completed: 2014

For the new opening of the permanent exhibition of the Hessische Landesmuseum Darmstadt a multimedia addition to two historic cork models of Antonia Chichis was carried out. Steles next to the models of the Colosseum and the Pantheon each house a monitor which shows a film.

The first film consists of the comparison of the dome of the Pantheon with later domes. A cross section of the Pantheon is gradually overlapped by cross sections of other domes making it possible to compare the sizes.

Through virtual reconstructions the central theme in the film about the Colosseum concerns the awnings. Many photographs were made of the cork model of the Colosseum. These were transferred to the computer model and overlapped with the computer images of the virtual awnings. In this way one obtains an image of the Colosseum with awnings.