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Monastery Lorsch

Completed: 1999

The Monastery Lorsch, one of the few examples of Carolingian architecture, has the status of World Cultural Heritage. From the former monastic city in Lorsch only sparse remains of the church and the so-called "Torhalle" can be seen. The visitor is confronted with a "lost monastery". The goal of the computer reconstruction was to make this "lost monastery" visual again. The reconstruction can be seen in a permanent exhibit in the museum center in Lorsch. Lorsch can be considered a stroke of luck for archaeology, as since the The Thirty Years’ War nothing has been built over the area and because an etching by Merian from this time still exists. With the help of Georadar, a one to three meter deep, not visual impression of what was beneath the earth, was made visual. The analysis of the etching by Merian and Georadar on the computer made it possible to produce a 3D model of the monastic city.
Bild 07