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Imperial Palace Frankfurt

Archaeological Museum Frankfurt

Completed: 2008

The first imperial palace of Frankfurt was reconstructed for the Archaeological Museum in Frankfurt. The reconstruction covers four construction phases: the imperial court from the king’s court of the Merovingians (600-800 A.D.), the imperial palace of the Carolingian built in 822 by Emperor Louis the Pious, the expansion of the imperial palace with the construction of the Salvator basilica by Louis the German in the year of 855 and the extension of the imperial palace by the Ottonian dynasty around 1000. The reconstruction is shown in a film in three languages, which deals with the fundamental basics of the reconstruction. It picks as a central theme how the image of the imperial palace originated from archaeological findings, the analysis of comparable buildings as well as the utilization of contemporary illustrations. Definite findings and hypothetical appearance are separated and are presented one after another. A haptic model is also exhibited in the museum, which was produced by machine from the digital records. (construction phase 855).