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Abbey Frankenthal (Palatine)

City of Frankenthal

Fertigstellung: 2007

For the exhibit "Parchment Treasures Medieval Manuscripts from Frankenthal", shown in Erkenbert Museum in 2007, the architectonical surroundings in which these important manuscripts of the Frankenthal monastery were written, was to be reconstructed. The visualization of the Romanesque church of the Augustine Chorherrenstift in Frankenthal, which is just a ruin, was made possible by a 3D reconstruction. The reconstruction shows the condition of the church in the 12th century. Besides the church building, the reconstruction also shows the monastery and scriptorium. In the medieval scriptorium book shelves, chairs and desks can be seen. A written parchment page of the famous Frankenthal Bible lies on a desk.
Bild 06