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Berlin Castle

German Historical Museum Berlin

Completed: 2001

At the request of the German Historical Museum in Berlin, the Berlin castle was computer reconstructed for the 2001 exhibition "Prussia 1701 – a European History". The goal was to show the residence of the Prussian kings at the time of the Baroque area and to trace the path a visitor of that time would take to the ruler. This path led through the portal and the famous Schlüter courtyard in the interior of the castle, named after its architect, Andreas Schlüter. There are only very few photographs of the magnificent interior and only a minimum of these are in color. None of them are from the Baroque area. They were taken with different focal lengths and in different light and were mostly limited to the most important sector as far as art history is concerned. With the help of the computer using various basic information, a single entity of the building’s structure and appearance was attainable.
Bild 07