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Imperial Palace Frankfurt

Archaeological Museum Frankfurt

Completed: 2008

A 3D computer reconstruction of the first imperial palace of Frankfurt was produced for the Archaeological Museum in Frankfurt. The reconstruction covers four construction phases: 600-800, 822, 855 and 1000 AD. A haptic model is also on display in the museum, which was produced by machine from digital data. The model was produced through plaster printing procedure and shows the construction phase in 855. The model was built on a scale of 1:100 and is displayed on a sandstone pedestal. Next to it visitors can see a simulation film about the 3D computer reconstruction. The film deals with the basics of the reconstruction. It picks as a central theme how the image of the imperial palace originated from archaeological findings, the analysis of comparable buildings as well as the utilization of contemporary illustrations. Definite findings and hypothesis are separated and are presented one after another.
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