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Germany and Europe

German History Museum, Berlin

Completed: 2006

An exhibit for the German History Museum in Berlin with the theme "European Borders" was to be developed. A landscape model on the floor, 3 x 4 meters in size, shows the topographical situation of Europe. A projection overlaps the model with 30 different periods of time and the respective political borders. The relief model was mill-cut out of special synthetic material on the basis of a computer model that had been previously produced. The data of the computer model stem from measurements made by the Space Shuttle Mission. The recorded altitudes were transferred to a computer model in the desired projection type (geometrical presentation of the earth). At the same time the analog maps, which acted as a basis and had no unique type of projection, had to be digitalized and transformed into the specific projection of the model. In this way the landscape relief is congruently overlapped.
Bild 03