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Frankfurt and the

Staufen Period

Historisches Museum Frankfurt

Completed: 2012

Produced for the new permanent exhibition in the old building of the Frankfurt Historical Museum, this installation presents the city during the time of the Staufen kings. The starting point is a city model showing the known buildings of the period. An animation projected onto the model picks out individual Staufen period buildings and provides further information in the form of texts and images.

Over the course of the animation, visitors can trace the history and development of the area from the time of the Romans to the present. The installation is brought to life by two synchronous films, both of which are projected onto the model, one onto the model as such, the other onto the flat area outside the fortifications, which naturally lends itself to the display of additional information, texts and images.

The terrain is mill-cut polyurethane foam (Uriol), the buildings plaster-printed.
Bild 06