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Holovision Judaica Friedberg

Wetterau Museum, Friedberg

Completed: 2008

For the exhibition "Fragments of Jewish History in Friedberg" in the Wetterau Museum in Friedberg, three objects of the former Jewish congregation in Friedberg were to be shown. The originals, a torah crown, a spice container and a torah shield, are now in the Jewish Museum in New York and cannot be loaned out. For the exhibition, these three objects were to be "virtually brought back" to Friedberg and with the help of "Holovision" presented. This procedure creates an illusion as though the objects are three dimensional and floating in the space. The "Holovision" method has the characteristics of an exhibit, as besides in New York one can only see these objects in this special installation in Friedberg in three dimensions and in their original size. The virtual reproduction of an object in "Holovision" transmits the message that the objects seem to be within reach but yet not physically present.
Bild 07