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Germany and Europe

German History Museum, Berlin

Completed: 2006

For the permanent exhibition in the German History Museum in Berlin, an exhibit for the entrance area with the theme "European Borders" was to be developed. A landscape model on the floor, 4 x 3 meters in size, shows the topographical situation of Europe. A projection overlaps the model with 30 different periods of time and the respective political borders. These stages of time are inserted one after another in chronological order, whereby in a short period of time a comprehensive impression of the development of the political borders from antiquity until today can be obtained. One can see that in comparison to "Germany" many of its neighbors had more continuous boundary lines over long periods of time and that Germany with its countless small states is an exception over a long period of time. The landscape model was mill-cut on the basis of a previously produced computer model.
Bild 07