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Migration Period

Art and Exhibition Hall of the

Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn

Completed: 2009

A digital animation, which presented the complex migratory movements in Europe in the time between 200 and 600 AD, was developed for the exhibition, "Rome and the Barbarians - Europe during the Migration Period" in the Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn as well as for the exhibition "The Langobards and the End of the Period of Migration" shown at the same time in the Rheinische LandesMuseum in Bonn. The animation illustrates the migration and military expeditions of Avars, Anglo-Saxons, Burgundians, Goths, Huns, Langobards, Slavs, Suebi, and Vandals. The animation also gives information about changes of existing empires and the forming of new ones in context to migration period. In the meantime, the exhibition is also on display at the Musée royaux d’Art et d’ Historie in Brussels.
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