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Berlin Airlifte

German Historical Museum, Berlin

Projektbüro Stadtmuseum Wiesbaden

Completed: 2008

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the commencement of the airlift to West Berlin, a simulation film was produced. The main content of the film is to show the tremendous logistical achievement of the airlift. Hereby the depiction of the assembly line process, after which much of the necessary logistic work was organized, plays an important role. There are two logistic systems that need to be differentiated and they are presented in the film. The first one is what one commonly understands under the term "airlift": Supplying West Berlin by airplanes which were stationed at that time in the Western zones. The second logistic system was based on a worldwide system for the provision of merchandise and logistics, which is hardly known of and, which without, the airlift could never have been able to be realized.
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